Search & Rescue

Explorer Search and Rescue (ESAR) are teams of Explorers who are trained and deployed for search and rescue missions.  Well-developed ESAR programs emerged in the state of Washington in the mid-1950s (Beginning with King County in 1954) and were followed by others in California and elsewhere.  The rugged, mountainous terrain of these areas often require massive amounts of manpower for proper searches for missing people, not to mention their rescue and evacuation from remote areas.  The ESAR mission has also expanded over the years to include urban search and rescue and other disaster-related disciplines. 

Rowlett Explorer Post One has participated in many Search & Rescue operations, searching for the lost in both urban and wilderness locations including emergencies caused by severe weather.  

Members of Post One have trained with Rowlett Fire Department in swift water training and have the knowledge and skills to conduct offensive rescue operations involving flood and swift-moving water.


Several post members are also certified BSA climbing Instructors.